Gasless Ethereum Transactions With Biconomy Relayer Network


Gasless Ethereum Transactions With Biconomy Relayer Network

Biconomy is a relayer infrastructure network and transaction platform that enables developers to build applications easily and reduce friction between applications built on the blockchain and end-users. Ahmed Al-Balaghi is the co-founder of Biconomy, an advisor to the Matic network, and host of Encrypted, the largest blockchain podcast in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Meta Transactions

In a relayer infrastructure network, developers can apply meta or “gasless” transactions. In a meta transaction, the application developer or a third party will cover the gas fees to enable seamless UX. These transactions can also be activated on layer 2 solutions. Platforms like Dharma, Origin, and Unstoppable Domains have built an in-house relayer network to enable meta transactions. However, it is very time-consuming and resource-intensive to build out a relayer network.

Biconomy is providing relayer-as-a-service infrastructure for applications. A single relayer can relay transactions for multiple projects. Biconomy is also blockchain agnostic and plans to enable a trustless relayer model over time. A relayer is an address that signs and relays the transaction on behalf of the user. Unlike nodes, relayers are off-chain and only require enough ETH to cover transaction costs. Application developers can choose to absorb gas fees or have users pay gas in a different token.

  1. Dapp developers can remove gas fees from the user completely. Relayers would pay the gas fees in ETH and dapp developers would pay Biconomy.
  2. Users can pay gas fees in any ERC20 token such as DAI. Relayers would pay the gas fees in ETH. Dapp developers would receive the token fees from users but would pay Biconomy.


Native Meta Transactions

With meta transactions, a transaction is signed by the relayer and sent to the receiving contract via a proxy. However, creating a proxy contract for each and every user is an expensive process. Native meta transactions on Biconomy directly relay user signed transactions to the receiving contract and remove the need for a proxy contract. Native meta transactions only require the user account address, removing a dependency on contract wallets.


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