A weekly roundup on blockchain developments and cryptocurrency news.

This Week in Crypto is a weekly roundup on the latest in blockchain and cryptocurrency news. Tune in for weekly episodes including guests from the top 10 cryptocurrencies and well known leaders in the crypto industry. Subscribe on anywhere you listen to casts or visit us at for additional crypto insights.

About the Host

Jose Mota is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and podcast creative from southern California. Jose first joined the crypto community in 2016 and decided to launch a daily podcast in September of 2017. After a successful launch in the bullish market, Daily Crypto received 85k monthly downloads. In May of 2017, Jose received his B.A. in Business Marketing from California State University, Fullerton. Today, Jose is an active member in the crypto community, producing educational content and speaking with world class crypto leaders on his new cast This Week in Crypto.


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