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Ethereum Wallets

Authereum is a login and wallet solution for dApp developers who want to provide their users with a web2-like user experience while maintaining censorship resistance.


Latest Episodes

Things You Should Know About 2020 Crypto Tax Filing

IRS letter 6173, the new virtual currency question on IRS 1040, and things you should know about crypto taxes for the 2019 tax year.

Mar. 6th: SXSW Cancelled And Bitcoin 2020 Postponed Due To Coronavirus

SXSW is cancelled and Bitcoin 2020 is postponed due to coronavirus, and Minnesota lawmakers are seeking to outlaw campaign contributions in the form of cryptocurrency.

Mar. 5th: Crypto Fund Hack Results In Massive Data Leak

South Korean lawmakers amend the Financial Information Act, a crypto fund hack results in a massive data leak, and Square Crypto awards grants to bitcoin developers.

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