Mining giant Bitmain valued at 12Bn

Mining giant Bitmain valued at 12Bn

After another successful funding round, which brought in 400 million USD, Bitmain has been valued at 12 billion US dollars.

Bitmain, the largest cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer, has been valued at 12 billion USD after a new funding round brought in 400 million. Rumours from within the company reveal that they might be looking to go public and starting an IPO.

Bitmain also controls almost half of the bitcoin mining hashrate, by owning AntPool and having stakes in ViaBTC (First, second and third largest mining pools respectively) this worrying amount of power give Bitmain the opportunity to perform a 51% attack against the bitcoin network, however they maintains that it has no incentive to carry out such an attack, considering the sweeping financial ramifications.

Bitmain has also recently become one of the 21 blockproducers for the new EOS mainnet, allowing them to be apart of the EOS network and reap profits.

Ontop of this news, they are also getting ready to invest into the Opera Ltd IPO. Opera is the company behind the Opera Web Browser. It is rumored they will be purchasing 50 Million dollars worth of shares during this IPO

About Bitmain

Are a privately owned company headquarters in Beijing, China. They were founded in 2013, and are now the largest cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturers in the world. They have offices in China, Singapore and Georgia and run several projects such as AntPOOL Hashnest and

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