Malware Targeting Crypto Users

Malware Targeting Crypto Users

Since bitcoins boom a few years ago, malware has been using crypto currency to monetize illegal operations. From the infamous Wanna-cry malware, which encrypted data and required a cryptocurrency payment to unlock it, to the cryptojacker – CoinHive, which used a computers resources to mine Monero. Now there is a sneaky new malware out…

Ransomware and cryptojacking are mostly obvious if you are infected, you either get a nice message on your screen to pay up, or your computer grinds to a halt because the miner is using all your CPU. This new malware is a little bit more sneaky, and you won’t find out you’ve lost your crypto currency until it’s too late. Known as clipboard hijacking, this malware runs silently in the background, waiting for you to copy a cryptocurrency address into your clipboard. Once this happens, the malware springs to life and modifies the address to that of the attacker. Unknowing users would then paste this address as the sender, and send some hard earned digital money off to the ether.

Ways to avoid this risk

There are a few simple things you can do to mitigate this malware –

  • Double check every address – tedious and time consuming, this is the most effective way of keeping safe. Ensuring you are sending to the correct address by manually verifying
  • Currently this malware mostly affects windows, so only installing trusted and signed apps will also keep you out of infection
  • Using QR codes instead of copy paste


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