the ICO process

GUEST: Sustany Capital, Discussing The ICO Process


$6.3 billion has been raised in ICO funding year to date alone, surpassing the $5.6 billion raised in 2017.

ICO ICO ICO! We’ve all heard it and some of us might have even invested in one. What makes a successful ICO? How has EOS raised billions of dollars with a year long ICO? Christian Kameir, Managing Partner at Sustany Capital joins us on This Week in Crypto to discuss the do’s and don’t for launching an ICO. Tune in to learn how to differentiate one ICO from another, red flags for ICOs, and the current ICO regulatory framework in the United States.

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Jose Mota
Currently the host of This Week in Crypto, Jose previously founded Daily Crypto and is an experienced crypto content creator and growth hacker.

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