Groestlcoin community goes to vote for rebrand

Groestlcoin community goes to vote for rebrand

There had been lots of chatter in the Groestlcoin community about a name change. Discord admin, @yokomoko#001, posted this morning pointing members to take a vote

@everyone The time has come to vote for the fate of Groestlcoins future! The rebranding vote is live! Vote with your wallet at one of the two addresses which can be found here: https://www.groestlcoin.or upg/rebranding/ !

1 GRS = 1 Vote.

Additionally we have a new channel #rebrand-vote-chat to discuss the rebrand, potential names / logos etc. If the vote goes through, or just voice your opinions.

Happy Groestling!

The vote will end on 15th July and the fate of Groestlcoin will be sealed and decided sunglasses

Voting is open for 2 weeks and will decide once and for all if the community wants to rebrand GRS. A message has been added on the voting page, warning people that significant effort will go into rebranding if the vote is a yes, taking away from development of the coin

Please take into consideration that a rebrand will cause delisting from big exchanges and the lose of our iOS Wallets from the App Store.
If the rebrand will occur, the work for developing Groestlcoin will be shifted towards rebranding it.

The funds from the community poll will all go towards either further development of Groestlcoin to “focus on making Groestlcoin the best coin it can be or towards rebranding efforts, with further votes in the future where the community can impact rebranding decisions


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