Founders of Crypto Invest Summit Launch GHV Investment Fund

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Founders of Crypto Invest Summit Launch GHV Investment Fund

Josef Holm and Alon Goren, founders of the largest cryptocurrency investment conference and expo have teamed up to launch Goren Holm Ventures (GHV). The new venture is a blockchain and cryptocurrency focused investment fund and incubator. The GHV incubator will provide marketing and servicing support to selected blockchain, digital currency, and crypto asset products.

The founders have an established background in the crowdfunding space with Holm previously founding, the first do-it-yourself crowdfunding marketing SaaS, and Goren previously founding the Crowd Invest Summit. With their current involvement in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, Goren and Holm have built an extensive network of investors and blockchain startups.

Goren Holm Ventures will allow for collaboration and co-investing opportunities with other crypto-focused funds. CNBC’s Crypto Trader host Ran Neu-Ner even says “GHV is one of our favorite groups to co-invest and partner with.” The cryptocurrency show host also mentioned an upcoming announcement of projects they will be collaborating on. Ran Neu-Ner is also the Founding Partner of OnChain Capital.

GHV will incubate early-stage companies, providing the necessary resources needed to launch innovative products and successful startups.


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