Crypto News Today: Coinbase Prevents Sophisticated Phishing Attack

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Crypto News Today: Coinbase Prevents Sophisticated Phishing Attack

Today in Crypto – August 9, 2019
Coinbase prevented a sophisticated phishing attack, Blockstream has announced the launch of a mining farm, and 15 nations are planning to set up a system to monitor cryptocurrency transactions under the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

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Coinbase says it prevented a sophisticated phishing attack to collect keys and passwords on the Firefox browser. In May, over a dozen Coinbase employees received an email from a legit seeming University of Cambridge “Research Grants Administrator.” The email came from a legitimate Cambridge academic domain and passed through security filters undetected.

In June, targeted Coinbase employees received a subsequent email that contained a malicious URL. When opened in Firefox, the phishing attack could install malware on the recipient’s machine. Coinbase notes that within hours of an employee clicking on the link, security alerts were sent to the security team and they successfully detected and counted the attack. Coinbase says they have locked down that employee’s computer, isolating the attack.

More than 200 individuals across several organizations were found to have been targeted. Only 2.5% of those targets received an email with a malicious link. Mozilla has since patched two 0-day vulnerabilities on the FireFox browser.

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