Marc Lasry

Billionaire Marc Lasry Invests $17 Million In Bitcoin

Billionaire Marc Lasry invests 1% of his personal net worth into Bitcoin. Lasry believes Bitcoin could be worth $40,000 as it hits the mainstream and becomes easier for the average Americans to buy. During CNBC’s “Squawk Box” segment, hedge fund manager Marc Lasry claimed to have invested 1% of his personal net worth into Bitcoin. […]

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Billionaire Steven Cohen

Today in Crypto: July, 13, 2018 – Billionaire Steven Cohen Invests In Bitcoin, But Not Ripple

The market is starting to show some green lights, Bitcoin back up to $6,283, about a $100 jump from yesterday. Ethereum is at $439 and Litecoin is at $77. Support TWiC on Patreon! Billionaire Investor Steven Cohen Invests In Bitcoin and Ethereum [1] Billionaire investor Steven Cohen is entering the emerging market by investing into […]

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bitcoin for beginners

GUEST: Bitcoin For Beginners – Trends in Crypto, Evaluating ICO’s, Massive Adoption

On this episode we discuss the state of retail investor market, evaluating ICO projects, and cryptocurrency trends. Kevin Ting is the creator of Bitcoin For Beginners, a crypto community of over 28k YouTube subscribers and over 8k Facebook group members. Kevin creates daily news updates, ICO reviews and how-to’s to help noobs understand the crypto […]

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bitcoin blocks

Today in Crypto: July, 10, 2018 – Bitcoin Blocks Are Exceeding 1MB

We start this Tuesday with a significant drop in the market. Bitcoin did not go towards that $7,000 mark, rather it fell nearly $400 to $6,400. Ethereum fell $40 to $440, and litecoin fell a couple dollars to $79. Bitcoin Blocks Are Now Exceeding 1MB [1] The blocks produced by the Bitcoin network approximately every […]

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Today in Crypto: July 2, 2018 – Bitcoin Rises $800 Over Past Weekend

We start off with the markets going back up after a week of lows. Yesterday, Bitcoin was at an all time 2018 low at $5,800. Bitcoin jumped $800 from Friday night to today. Bitcoin is currently at $6,600. Ethereum is at $475 and Litecoin is at $84. Special offer for TWiC listeners: Use promo code […]

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Bitcoin Explained

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System (White Paper Audio Book)

Welcome to the first episode of TWiC. On this episode we provide an audio version / audiobook of the Bitcoin white paper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” by Satoshi Nakamoto. Let us know your thoughts on this white paper reading and if you’d like to hear more white paper readings in the future. You […]

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