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Mar. 6th: SXSW Cancelled And Bitcoin 2020 Postponed Due To Coronavirus

SXSW is cancelled and Bitcoin 2020 is postponed due to coronavirus, and Minnesota lawmakers are seeking to outlaw campaign contributions in the form of cryptocurrency.


Mar. 5th: Crypto Fund Hack Results In Massive Data Leak

South Korean lawmakers amend the Financial Information Act, a crypto fund hack results in a massive data leak, and Square Crypto awards grants to bitcoin developers.


Mar. 4th: India Lifts Ban On Cryptocurrency Trading

The Supreme Court of India lifts a cryptocurrency ban, ConsenSys and EY launch enterprise-targeted Baseline Protocol, and HTC announces a new 5G blockchain router.


Jan. 23rd: World Economic Forum Develops CBDC Framework

BitMEX launches an XRP quanto swap, the World Economic Forum develops a CBDC framework, and Amun launches an Inverse Bitcoin ETP.


Jan. 22nd: BCH Fork Will Cut Block Rewards By 12.5 Percent

Bakkt plans to launch a consumer app, bitcoin cash miners plan to roll out a soft fork, and Binance invests in open-data framework provider Numbers.


Jan. 21st: Vodafone Leaves Libra Association To Focus On M-Pesa

Vodafone drops out of the Libra Association, Square Crypto launched a Lightning Development Kit, and Huobi launched a brokerage platform for institutional investors.


Jan. 20th: Australian Regulators Approve Raiz Invest Bitcoin Fund

South Korean regulators review a crypto taxation plan, Raiz Invest was granted approval for a retail bitcoin fund, and a Bitfinex-backed startup yielded $1.4 million in revenue last quarter.


Jan. 17th: KyberSwap Leaves EU Amid 5AMLD Regulations

KyberSwap leaves the EU due to new regulations, Grayscale surpasses $1 billion in total investments, and Libra launches a technical development committee.


Jan. 16th: Gemini Launches “Nakamoto Ltd.” Captive Insurance

Gemini launches an in-house insurance company, former CFTC Chair Giancarlo forms the Digital Dollar Foundation, and Bithumb seeks to nullify a $70 million tax bill.

enterprise_ethereum alliance_testnet_whiteblock_genesis

Jan. 15th: Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Launches A TestNet

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) launches a TestNet, Bitwise withdraws its bitcoin ETF application, and Anchorage acquires data analytics firm Merkle Data.


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