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Crypto News Today: Coinbase Prevents Sophisticated Phishing Attack

Coinbase prevented a sophisticated phishing attack, Blockstream has announced the launch of a mining farm, and 15 nations are planning to set up a system to monitor cryptocurrency transactions under the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).


Crypto News Today: Boosting Investor Confidence in Bitcoin

The Bitcoin network hash rate has just hit 80 quintillion hashes per second, Robinhood has obtained a license to operate in the UK, and Coinbase is facing a negligence lawsuit.

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Crypto News Today: Hacker Released Hundreds of Binance KYC Photos

Binance CEO CZ plans to open a new office in London, focusing on Europe, a hacker has released hundreds of KYC photos, reportedly from Binance, and MERJ Stock Exchange is the first to list a tokenized security.


Crypto News Today: Ryan Zurrer Leaves Web3 Foundation To Start A New DAO

Ryan Zurrer is leaving the Web3 Foundation to start a new DAO, the British HMRC tax authority is pressuring cryptocurrency exchanges to reveal customers information, and Cosmos is building three new programing languages.


Crypto News Today: Thai Secretary-General of AMLO Wants To Amend Anti-Money Laundering Act To Include Cryptocurrencies

Thailand’s secretary-general of AMLO plans to focus on cryptocurrencies, bitcoin mining power is up 10 percent since mid July, and Mastercard is seeking to hire blockchain professionals to build crypto wallet solutions.

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