Brave Releases Tor Tabs

Brave Releases Tor Tabs

Brave introduces tor tabs in their latest release of their Brave Browser

Brave, the company behind Basic attention token and the brave browser, has just released version 0.23 of their browser. This version includes a beta release of the new “tor privacy tabs” feature.

An exciting step forward as this will allow uses to be protected by the tor network on a per tab basis. Tor is a technology that can defend against online surveillance and give you more anonymity online (read about the tor project here)

As part of this integration, Brave will be contributing back to the tor network by providing bandwidth for tor access in running multiple tor relays. Relays and exit nodes are core concepts in keeping the tor network running.

There are already some known bugs and leaks with this beta released, which the brave team are working on for next release. I would advise against using this as a daily driver to the tor network until those leaks are fixed

Referenced from Brave blog


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