BLOCK-CON 2018 Attracts Hundreds Of Crypto Enthusiasts and Industry Leaders


Los Angeles Blockchain Conference BLOCK-CON brought hundreds of crypto enthusiasts and blockchain leaders to Santa Monica this past week. The 3-day blockchain conferences featured 100+ speakers and leaders in the blockchain space, including keynote speaker Naval Ravikant, Founder of AngelList and COINLIST, Nassim Taleb, author of Black Swan, and philosopher Alan Watts.

Upon the speakers was Eric Piscini, CEO Citizens Reserve, the high-tech startup that recently unveiled ‘supply chain-as-a-service’ platform SUKU, has announced a partnership with blockchain orchestration platform, Blockdaemon. Utilizing blockchain technology to tackle the issues of transparency, efficiency, and product visibility in legacy systems, SUKU aims to open new markets, improve operations, and reduce the cost of running supply chains. Since SUKU is a blockchain-based network, it depends on nodes to validate transactions and complete other tasks essential to maintaining the ecosystem, which can be costly for customers from a resource and time standpoint.

Piscini stated “Blockdaemon is a critical partner for our network, as this integration provides the key elements needed to onboard customers that may not have prior blockchain experience in a quicker, more efficient way, as well as helps to fully decentralize the SUKU platform. This will be especially key in integrating small and medium sized businesses into our supply chain network who often have limited access to enterprise technology in general, but especially advanced technology such as blockchain.” This news comes on the heels of the announcement that leading finance and technology executives including Chairman of the CoinDesk Advisory Board, Michael J. Casey, and co-founder and CFO of, Lily Liu, have joined the SUKU’s board of advisors to further the platform’s development and implementation.

This was just one of the many releases at BLOCK-CON. The conference offered, great networking and connected people from the Blockchain industry and its ecosystem, and disruptors who are taking market share from the incumbents. There were be numerous blockchain workshops happening this week and during the week of BLOCK-CON:

BLOCK-CON is a blockchain conference of expert speakers, tools, interactive demos & sessions to help you build, grow and succeed in the blockchain industry. It takes place annually in the month of October in Santa Monica with over 100+ speakers and 300+ guests in attendance.

Jose Mota
Currently the host of This Week in Crypto, Jose previously founded Daily Crypto and is an experienced crypto content creator and growth hacker.

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